Our Forest

Since 2016, we are a forestry cooperative recognized by the Latvian Association of Agricultural Cooperatives. The purpose of the Forestry Services Cooperative Society “Mūsu Mežs” is to promote entrepreneurship and to provide services to the forest owners who are the members of the cooperative to ensure a high quality, sustainable and cost-effective management of their forests.

The team of the Forestry Services Cooperative Society “Mūsu Mežs” consists of the professionals with many years of experience in forest management. They understand and are able to provide a complete forest management cycle and operate according to the PEFC standard.
We provide and organize for our members everything they need for forest management:
  • Forest survey
  • Taxation
  • Soil preparation
  • Purchase of plants
  • Planting
  • Protection of plants against artiodactyla
  • Agro-technical care of young forest stands
  • Care for the composition of young forest stands
  • Care for the growing stock
  • Preparation of sketches of felling areas
  • Development of felling areas
  • Forwarding, removal and sale of round timber and branches.

Participation in the cooperative in no way limits the freedom of our members to make their own decisions in their forest and to organize any work. The forest owner must be the owner in his forest.

We will give free consultations to our members on forest management issues, help prepare and implement EU projects, provide and organize all the necessary forestry services for the forest management, as well as we will sell the timber of the members at the best prices.
  • Advantageous prices
  • Supply of the members
  • Consultations and training
  • Attracting EU and national funding